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Managed Hosting Solutions: MACCIUS

By outsourcing your hosting requirements to MACCIUS, you eliminate costly expenditures for administration teams, security, equipment, applications, data backups, and connectivity. Most importantly, you'll have the freedom to concentrate on the success of your business rather than worry about disk drives, routers, and switches. MACCIUS is offering special discounts for it's services to all ADC Premier and Select members.

Application Hosting and Managed Services

MACCIUS is a leading provider of application hosting, managed services and private branded Apple IT infrastructure services for the Mac platform. MACCIUS exclusively supports Apple Xserve, Xserve RAID and Mac OS X Server for its solutions.

Managed Hosting Solutions

  • Dedicated Server Hosting - Solutions for small business to Global 2000 organizations.
  • Dedicated WebObjects Hosting - Packages for WebObjects hosting.
  • Dedicated E-Mail Servers - For controlling large-scale email operations and corporate email hosting.
  • Shared Hosting - Virtual Private Servers.

ISV Hosting

Software Vendors are realizing the benefits of offering their software as a service. Transitioning applications to the application service provider model can be challenging and requires expertise and resources. MACCIUS will partner with ISV's to assist them through the complex process all the way through deployment to the end customer. Developers receive the following benefits:

  • Reduce Application Time to Market
  • No costly infrastructure to maintain
  • Increased sales and customer retention
  • Reduce help desk support costs
  • Focus on product development, not deployment
  • Test your application in a contained and monitored environment
  • Host your application with reliable best-of-breed infrastructure
  • 24x7 support

Managed Security Services

MACCIUS offers a comprehensive suite of managed security services providing you with 24/7 management and monitoring of your security systems. Our globally available services are managed by a team of experts, bringing years of experience delivering the following secure solutions to your business:

  • Managed Firewall
  • VPN (Secure Access)
  • Scanning & Analysis

Private Branded Application Hosting and Managed IT Services

The MACCIUS Private Branded Hosting and IT services allows developers, system integrators, consultants and resellers to utilize the services of an outsourced, higher-tier service provider while reaping the benefits of a fully customized look and feel. The benefits are:

  • Reduced service costs
  • Guaranteed margins
  • Higher quality services
  • Faster time to market
  • Transparent service delivery

MACCIUS also provides the following services:

  • Application Management
  • Backup Services
  • Storage Services
  • Streaming Services
  • Co-location
  • Connectivity

For more information on web-based application hosting and MACCIUS please read the following developer profile.

Special Discount for ADC Members

In conjunction with the Apple Developer Connection, MACCIUS is offering the following discounts to all ADC Premier and Select members:

  • ADC Premier Members receive a 20% discount on all services.
  • ADC Select Members receive a 15% discount on all services.

This special offer cannot replace, nor can it be combined with, any existing contracts with MACCIUS, Inc.

Tessa Hayes
+1-408-907-1336 x712