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The Mac Market

More than 20 million Apple customers are using the Mac OS X operating system and the numbers are growing quickly. If you are wondering why you keep hearing so much about Mac OS X in the marketplace, this is where you can find resources, analyses, and developer profiles to help make sense of it all.

The Mac Market Resources

Opportunities with
the Apple Store

Read how two developers used the Apple Retail Stores to reach their target markets.. 

Mindjet Enhances MindManager 6 Mac

Mindjet created a feature-rich Mac version of their Windows product.

Zimbra's "Elegant" Sync Services Solution

Zimbra found that integration with Apple applications was easy with Sync Services.

Title Topic Resource Type

Developers Find Opportunities with the Apple Store (HTML)

Read how Salon Transcripts and POS•IM used the Apple Retail Stores to reach their target markets.
Apple Information Business Reference

ADC Event Calendar (HTML)

Find the Apple Developer Connection at development-oriented shows and conferences worldwide.
Apple Information Business Reference

Aspyr Brings Their Games to Intel-based Macs (HTML)

Aspyr has prioritized transitioning their games to universal binaries.
Developer Profile Business Article

Tiger Early Adopter: Bare Bones Integrates Automator (HTML)

Bare Bones provided Automator Actions in BBEdit as soon as Tiger started shipping.
Developer Profile Business Article

Evolving to Mac OS X: The Bare Bones (HTML)

Longtime Macintosh developer Bare Bones Software uses two Mac OS X technologies—Web Kit and Bonjour—to give their application expanded functionality and a competitive edge.
Developer Profile Business Article

Ready for the Future: Chronos Migrates to Xcode & Cocoa (HTML)

Chronos rewrote StickyBrain in Cocoa, and quickly recompiled it to run as universal binaries.
Developer Profile Business Article

Pleasant Surprise for CompuTest: Porting to Mac in Days (HTML)

Porting Electronic Bluebook from PC to Mac was surprising easy with REALbasic on Mac OSX.
Developer Profile Business Article

Faster, Easier Product Development: Delicious Library Uses Cocoa Bindings (HTML)

With Cocoa bindings, Delicious Monster quickly created a stunning new application that uses key features of Mac OS X.
Developer Profile Business Article

Elluminate Live! Goes to the Head of the Virtual Class (HTML)

The Elluminate Live! virtual classroom highlights how using Apple tools and technologies makes this cross-platform application run best on a Mac.
Developer Profile Business Article

imeem Finds a Creative Solution: Innovative Cross-Platform Development (HTML)

imeem found a way to create Mac and Windows clients with a single backend through open source projects and custom tools.
Developer Profile Business Article

Luxology Builds for Speed: Xcode Delivers Fast Development and High Performance (HTML)

Luxology adopts Apple’s Xcode Tools to speed development and optimize their 3D modeling tool for the Power Mac G5.
Developer Profile Business Article

Mac OS X Web-based Applications:
MACCIUS Sees New Markets for Developers (HTML)

MACCIUS uses Mac OS X, Xserve, and Xserve RAID to sustain a thriving managed hosting and Web-based application development business.
Developer Profile Business Article

Customer-focused Software Design:
Marratech Turns a Java App into a Mac App (HTML)

Marratech ports a Java-based video conferencing application to Mac OS X to reach Mac-using higher education customers.
Developer Profile Business Article

MediaBeacon Requires a Robust Toolset:
Xcode Delivers Efficiency and Compatibility (HTML)

Xcode Tools support of open standards enabled BrighTech to significantly streamline their Mac OS X development and use it to deploy on multiple platforms.
Developer Profile Business Article

Mindjet Enhances MindManager 6 Mac: More Than Just Porting an Application (HTML)

Mindjet created a Mac feature-rich version of their Windows product  by designing it as a Mac app from scratch.
Developer Profile Business Article

MySQL on Mac OS X:
An Ideal Development Combination (HTML)

The MySQL AB development team uses Macs to create MySQL for Mac OS X.
Developer Profile Business Article

NAG Champions Mac OS X:
An Ideal Platform for ‘Serious’ Science (HTML)

Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) develops an F95 Compiler for Mac OS X to gain share in the scientific and technical computing market.
Developer Profile Business Article

NeuroLens, Mac OS X and the Power Mac G5: Modernizing Brain Imaging Software (HTML)

With NeuroLens, life sciences researchers can focus on their work instead of struggling with UNIX tools.
Developer Profile Business Article

Making Medical Imaging Collaborative:
OsiriX Combines Open Source with Key Apple Technologies(HTML)

Two doctors used the power of Mac OS X to create a collaboration solution for medical imaging research called OsiriX, an open source tool that showcases the power and integration of the Mac platform.
Developer Profile Business Article

plasq Shows What a Small Team Can Do: Comic Life Is Media-Rich and Fun to Use (HTML)

plasq used key Apple technologies to create an application that is powerful but fun and easy to use.
Developer Profile Business Article

RIACS and Mac OS X: A Critical Edge for NASA 3D Rendering (HTML)

RIACS is using Macintosh G5s to render high-resolution 3D surface models for NASA, and get their other work done, too.
Developer Profile Business Article

Success through Excellence: Salon
Transcripts Uses Mac Advantages (HTML)

Salon Transcripts used the Mac design strengths to make their app more productive
Developer Profile Business Article

From PC to Universal Binaries with Xcode:
SolidWorks Brings eDrawings to Mac OS X (HTML)

SolidWorks ported their eDrawings Viewer and made it a true Mac OS X application. Read this article to learn the benefits of doing it right.
Developer Profile Business Article

Intuit Enhances QuickBooks for Mac: New Tiger Features and .Mac Integration (HTML)

Intuit updated its QuickBooks: Pro 2006 for Mac application with the best of Tiger features to make a state-of-the-art Mac application. .
Developer Profile Business Article

Simultaneous Development:
Blizzard Does Both At Once (HTML)

Blizzard Entertainment develops their products on both Mac and PC at the same time, bringing improvements to both versions of their award-winning games.
Developer Profile Business Article

Westlake Puts Halo on the Mac:
The Right Tools at the Right Time (HTML)

Using OpenGL and performance tools from Apple, Westlake Interactive brings Halo, the popular sci-fi epic game, to Mac OS X in record time.
Developer Profile Business Article

It’s Like Having Unlimited Memory: Mathematica Supports 64-bit Addressing (HTML)

Wolfram Research is finding that the 64-bit addressing in Mac OS X Tiger lets them solve new types of problems.
Developer Profile Business Article

X-Plane’s Mac OS X Weapon:
Platform Independent Development (HTML)

Laminar Research uses Mac OS X to develop a world class flight simulator for both Macintosh and Windows platforms.
Developer Profile Business Article

Bare Bones Gains from Mac Innovation: Bringing It Together for Yojimbo (HTML)

Read how Bare Bones realized a dream application by building Yojimbo in Cocoa.
Developer Profile Business Article

Zimbra's "Elegant" Solution with Sync Services (HTML)

Zimbra found that integration of their Zimbra Collaboration Suite with Apple applications was easy with Sync Services.
Developer Profile Business Article

Macintosh Market Data Sources (HTML)

Which research firms offer data on the Mac market? Where to go to learn more about Digital Video and other emerging Mac OS X markets? What is the quickest way to size a Mac market opportunity? Find links to help answer these questions on the Macintosh Market Data Sources page.
Market Data Business Reference