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Technical Support: 877 macTank

We all know how expensive and time consuming it is to set-up and maintain a comprehensive customer tech support department. Often, that means adding employees to, or creating, a tech support staff. With this in mind, we announce a special program from tech support provider, 877MacTank, one designed exclusively for ADC Premier and Select members. Not only is this an exclusive offer, but it comes with very attractive pricing to boot.

About 877MacTank

877MacTank prides itself on setting the standard for Macintosh technical support by providing world-class telephone and remote interactive product technical support to the Macintosh end-user customer base. MacTank's nationwide network of tech support operators are experts with Mac; no matter what the problem, MacTank's technicians will work with your customers until their problems are solved.

Best of all, MacTank has created a unique and exclusive tech support provide program for all ADC Select and Premier members. Its program includes the following services:

Free Evaluation

MacTank tests and evaluates your product for ease of setup, known issues, and complexity. After completing the evaluation process (2-4 weeks), MacTank will then provide a quote for the initial setup cost as well as a per-call charge rate for each supported product(s). MacTank then requires another 2-4 weeks to assemble the necessary resources for supporting your product(s).

Telephone Support

MacTank handles all support issues on a one-on-one basis over the phone. It augments its phone based technical support by using email and Internet-based communication solutions. Everyone knows how to use the telephone and would much rather speak with a real person. After each tech support call, MacTank emails the user with the detailed steps taken to solve the problem. This innovative features lets end users fix future occurrences of the problem themselves.

Call Tracking

All MacTank's customer support calls are entered into a database and tracked for future reference. Each call record contains a wealth of pertinent information, including user statistics, computer model, OS, RAM, the caller's problem, etc. This data is then extracted every month and made available to you on CD.

Monthly Call CD

MacTank exports all end-user tech support call records to CD, and provides the CD to you. This information is very valuable when calculating tech support costs, and also assists in your efforts to improve your product.

Call Hold Times

877MacTank strives to provide and maintain an under 10 minute hold time for all end-user calls. While a difficult undertaking, the results are well worth the effort. Users are very pleased to get quick and reliable answers to their product questions.

MacTank's Tank Network

A Tank is MacTank's network of dedicated Macintosh professionals, all assigned and trained to support your product. MacTank technicians are linked together so they can communicate with each other while supporting a specific product and/or caller. If any individual technician encounters difficulty answering a question, he/she can call upon other members of the Tank to help with the problem. This is the only effective way of providing reliable and fast answers to caller questions.

Special Discounts for ADC Members

In conjunction with the Apple Developer Connection, 877 MacTank is offering ADC Premier and Select members the following pricing structure:

  • Base fee of $1,000. Final setup fee based on, and determined by, initial product evaluation.
  • This fee includes estimated first month's call usage.

End-User Tech Support Call Fees

  • $3-7 for simple or known issues resolved in 10 minutes or less.
  • $10-20 for calls lasting between 11-30 minutes.
  • $3-7 for each additional 15 minutes over a half hour.

Monthly Call Detail CD

  • ADC Select members $100-500 per CD per month.
  • ADC Premier members receive CDs free of charge.

Payment Options

  • You pay for all tech support calls.
  • Caller pays for tech support call.
  • Caller and you split cost of tech support calls.
  • Charge you for tech support calls for products under warranty, and charge caller for tech support calls for products not under warranty.

Lon Baker
+1-877-751-2300, Ext.402