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Network Security: Qualys

With more than 2,000 subscribers ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations, Qualys has become a leader in on demand vulnerability management and policy compliance. Qualys allows security managers to strengthen the security of their networks effectively, conduct automated security audits and ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations. Qualys' on demand technology offers customers significant economic advantages, requiring no capital outlay or infrastructure to deploy and manage.

In conjunction with the Apple Developer Connection, Qualys is offering its network security services to all ADC Premier and Select members at generously discounted prices.

Why QualysGuard?

QualysGuard is an on demand vulnerability management and policy compliance solution that enables organizations to assess and manage business risk. QualysGuard automates the network security auditing process across the enterprise both inside and outside the firewall, and across distributed networking environments. QualysGuard provides network discovery and mapping, asset prioritization, centralized reporting, and remediation workflow and verification. Executive-level reports allow security professionals to demonstrate effective security practices and verify compliance with data protection laws and regulations. QualysGuard's on demand technology is far more accurate, cost effective, and easier to deploy than software-based alternatives.

QualysGuard enables organizations to:allowing security professionals to:

  • Discover and prioritize all network assets.
  • Proactively identify and fix security vulnerabilities.
  • Prevent worms, viruses & trojan horses.
  • Manage & reduce business risk.
  • Ensure compliance with laws, regulations and corporate security policies.

To see how the QualysGuard service works visit:

Features and Benefits

Designed to operate effectively on global networks of any size, QualysGuard is:

  • Global Deployability - Easily performs scans on geographically distributed and segmented networks both at the perimeter and behind the firewall.
  • Extremely Accurate and up-to-date - QualysGuard has the largest KnowledgeBase of vulnerability signatures in the industry (4,500+), and performs over 2,000,000 scans per month with a 99.997% accuracy rate.
  • Scalable - Rapidly deploy and expand using QualysGuard's distributed scanning and on demand architecture.
  • Strong Security Model - Protects in-transit and in-storage data using SSLv3 and AES encryption.
  • Lower TCO - On demand technology offers significant economic advantages with no capital expenditures, extra human resources or infrastructure to deploy and manage.

Free Trial!

See how it works by signing up for a FREE Trial of QualysGuard. This offer is good for all ADC Premier and Select members.

Special Discounts for ADC Members

In conjunction with the Apple Developer Connection, Qualys is offering the following discounts to all ADC Premier and Select members worldwide:

  • ADC Premier Members receive a 15% discount on all services.
  • ADC Select Members receive a 10% discount on all services.