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Consulting: Saxon-Hamilton

Growing a successful business takes much more than just great products. You need management expertise that helps you navigate the often bumpy roads that lay ahead. Saxon-Hamilton can help you better understand the business problems with which you may be dealing, and resolve them. Saxon-Hamilton provides an outside perspective to help you recognize and understand problems, and to create and implement solutions that really work. Forget the thick reports and complicated diagrams; what Saxon-Hamilton offers its clients is experience delivered with insight, clarity, and practical support.

About Saxon-Hamilton

The Saxon-Hamilton Management Consulting Group is a team of diverse professionals who work to enhance the potential and effectiveness of business leaders, and to create responsive and efficient organizations. Saxon-Hamilton's expertise includes business theory and practice, management principles, group dynamics, and communication.

Through a special program in association with the Apple Developer Connection, Saxon-Hamilton is offering its management consulting services to ADC Select and Premier members worldwide at reduced prices.

Services Offered

Business/Strategic Planning

  • Developing a plan for your business including goals, strategies, how to monitor/measure progress and identification of potential obstacles including what to do about them should they occur.
  • Developing an implementation plan.
  • Communicating your plan to important decision-makers, e.g. business partners, investors and technology opinion leaders.

Business Relationships

  • Targeting and developing strategic relationships.
  • Effective positioning and re-positioning strategies.
  • Establishing strong working relationships.
  • Building trust and confidence.
  • Handling relationship problems.

Leadership Development

  • Understanding your role as the leader or senior executive.
  • What a leader does and doesn't do.
  • Motivating people.
  • Getting and keeping staff in alignment with your vision.
  • What information a leader needs from others to be successful.


  • Effectively positioning yourself, your product and your company.
  • Understanding key communication principles.
  • Getting the other person interested in what you have to say.
  • Knowing when you are getting your message across and, if not, what to do about it.

Presentation Skills

  • Effectively representing yourself, your product and your company.
  • Profiling your different audiences.
  • Clearly communicating your message in a compelling way so others will understand and act.
  • Engaging your listeners.
  • Handling questions, objections and challenges.

Organization Development

  • Creating a viable organization.
  • Developing a clear purpose and approach to getting the work done.
  • Developing an implementation plan.
  • Articulating clear, workable job descriptions so people know their roles and responsibilities.

Special Discounts for ADC Members

In conjunction with the Apple Developer Connection, Saxon-Haliton is offering ADC Premier and Select members the following discounts:

  • ADC Premier members receive a 20% discount on all consulting services.
  • ADC Select members receive a 10% discount on all consulting services.

Uli Mueller
+1-510-420-1712 ext. 13