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Technical Q&As: Cocoa
The runtime architecture arbitrates how software is generated into executable code, how code is mapped into memory, and, at execution time, where data is stored, how data is addressed, and how functions and methods call one another. Cocoa programs make use of the Mach-O runtime architecture.

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What is the "main bundle" of a command-line foundation tool? (HTML)
QA1436: Reveals the location of the main bundle of a command-line foundation tool.
Environment Variables (HTML)
QA1255: Describes how a process gets its environment variables.
Static linking of user binaries on Mac OS X (HTML) (日本語 HTML)
QA1118: Explains why static linking of user binaries is not supported on Mac OS X, and possible workarounds.
Setting environment variables for user processes (HTML)
QA1067: Tells how to set environment variables for user processes.
Detecting specific ROM-in-RAM Mac (HTML) (日本語 HTML)
Deprecated - HW49: Identifying a Mac by name ("iMac"), and better alternatives for determining specific features ("has Firewire").